I’m reading Jimmy Nilsson‘s book about DDD “Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns“. And it confirms what I already knew. I use it.

But how did I come to be using DDD? Well, I got my education in Java and it seems to me that the use of DDD is the technique that is used there more then in the .Net world.

For me DDD is just how any OO language should be thought. Because for me DDD is what OO is all about. Making the Domain model and going from there is also what you get when doing OOA (Object-Oriented Analyse) and OOD (Object-Oriented Design).

And still I see that in the .Net world most people don’t make a Domainmodel. Most people just make an ERD and go from there and then they can use Datasets or Datatable or they start using DTO’s.

I guess I have to thank my teachers for making me see the light.

But DDD also has drawbacks. Sometimes making a Domainmodel is painful and awkward. And sometimes you don’t get it right the first time.

These are some of my random thoughts I had while reading the book. I’m not finished yet. Reading books takes time for me. Probably because I read 3 at a time. And for some reason I always get distracted while reading programming books. I always want to put into practice what I read and then I forget to read on. But I will finish it.