MSDN Ultimate subscriptions

Microsoft was kind enough to give me 3 MSDN Ultimate Subscriptions. I gave two of these away already, I have one left for the readers of


Ted Krueger decided to add one of his, so now there will be two that we will be giving away……that just doubled your chances**

**Update 2

This is now closed, but you can vote for the winner, see here for details: Vote for the MSDN giveaway winner**

The list price for this is $11,899, you can see what is all included here: You get pretty much everything that Microsoft makes in terms of software. This is a one year subscription and is not restricted to the US only, so if you live outside the US then you can also enter to win.

So what do you need to do to win this? Here is the deal, you will have to answer 3 question in order to win this.

1) Why do you need this, what are you going to build with this, will it help other people’s lives?

2) What specific functionality that is only part of Ultimate are you going to use?

3) You need to have a technical blog and provide the URL to that blog, if you are an active member of the technical community (stackoverflow, msdn forums etc etc) then also include those links.

Leave a comment here, you will also have to join the forums, that way I will have your email to contact you and I will able to ask you questions about your answers if needed. I created a thread in the forums here:

BTW owners/management of Lessthandot are not allowed to enter this giveaway, they will however judge who will get this.

We will pick a winner Friday July 9th and announce it in a blog post.

Good luck