I was fortunate enough to receive MSDN Ultimate Subscriptions as well as SQLDenis (blog | Twitter). I Think Denis’s idea and contest to see who we can give these to is excellent. To support Denis and his idea, I’m adding another subscription that will be handed over once we read over the responses. That means your chances just got much better to enjoy the subscriptions and the benefits Visual Studio 2010 has to offer!

To go over what the response should consist of again…

  1. Why do you need this, what are you going to build with this, will it help other people’s lives?
  2. What specific functionality that is only part of Ultimate are you going to use?
  3. You need to have a technical blog and provide the URL to that blog, if you are an active member of the technical community (stackoverflow, msdn forums etc etc) then also include those links.

Leave a comment here, you will also have to join the forums, that way I will have your email to contact you and I will able to ask you questions about your answers if needed. I created a thread in the forums here: http://forum.lessthandot.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=11456

Note: Click, here to leave your comment on the original blog post and add a comment to the forums to indicate you have done so. Do not put your comment on this blog post

And as in the original blog post, the results will be judged by the LessThanDot owners/management group

These MSDN Subscriptions are more than just something you will leave to start playing with 6 months from now. I can honestly say, even with the price tag they come with retail on the shelf, they are worth it. The Visual Studio and .NET Framework product team are really outdoing themselves this time by sending these out to us so we can find community members that will really take advantage of them.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your responses!