We are giving away 2 MSDN ultimate subscriptions, for the original announcement see here: MSDN Ultimate Subscription giveaway

We did not include David Taylor because he won this morning at sqlblog: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/andy_leonard/archive/2010/07/09/and-the-winner-is.aspx and he was fine with us taking him off.

Here are the 6 finalist, I picked the top 3 from each group that people had a chance to vote on: http://forum.lessthandot.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=11533 and http://forum.lessthandot.com/posting.php?mode=edit&f=121&p=56403

This vote will end in 3 hours, at noon Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

Here are the candidates and their replies


1) I will build games with it. I am getting into indie game development with a view to moving from my current profession of web development into games development. I’m just completing a browser game using just javascript and the new html5 media and canvas elements, to see whats possible in the near future without flash! So i will be using it for c# xna, as well as javascript and html. I also wish to do some work with the new odata stuff, to deal with the highscores, as well as a chance to use the latest iteration of the entity framework.

2) The historical debugger would be awesome, especially when debugging realtime code which is changing all the time, as you see in game loops. I’m also interested to see the designer tools letting you visually build systems with UML and have the basic structural code generated for you.

3) http://www.shawson.co.uk/codeblog



Roger Pence

  1. I need this subscription to help me simplify healthcare-related software. Simpler software is easier to use correctly. Improve record keeping improves lives.

  2. Better ALM, Architecture and Modeling, and DB support would help make me a better developer.

  3. http://rogerpence.com/blog




Active answerer at many technical sites:





Dave Ballantyne

1) I am now running my a user group ( http://sqlsocialkent20100818.eventbrite.com/) , so would like to speak with more authority about DataDude and such issues.

2) Intellitrace looks good as do the architecture components.

3) http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/sqlandthelike/ , active in SqlServerCentral and msdn online forums, User groups twitter, fingers cross for a session at SqlBits


  1. I am working on a startup idea. Currently using ASP.NET MVC 1, VS 2008. Would love to move up to VS 2010 / .NET 4 and latest MVC version. Idea is around helping people find great deals on products/services.

  2. I could certainly use the feature packs / architecture / modeling tools and the latest Visual Studio 2010. I’d also be interested in playing with Expression Studio Ultimate. Any Windows Phone 7 stuff (if available) would be nice to experiment with as well.

  3. http://www.dennydotnet.com



Meile Zetstra

1) I’m currently running VS2010 Premium, but it just lacks the of all the architectural stuff that’s in the Ultimate version. I’d use that to build some tooling or VS extension that revolves arround code inspection, code reflection and generations of diagrams from existing assemblies.

2) The architecture and modeling stuff. Also the use of the just released Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack is on my wish-to-use list.

3) My blog: http://blogger.xs4all.nl/mzetstra


You can vote here: http://forum.lessthandot.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=11550