Well this is to be post number 250 and the final one from me on this site.

Perhaps you like to know why I started blogging in the first place? More then 2 years ago this site started and the best way to get views is to add content and so I did that. I started blogging just to give us content. That’s how simple it is.

The past

It is kinda time for a “best of” I guess. These are some of my most viewed posts.


Printing to a zebra printer from VB.Net]1

I kinda guess that was popular because the documentation for this machine sucks and this is one of the only posts covering this in VB.Net.

nHibernate performance against Stored procedures

I was going for the be-controversial-and-get-lots-of-views, and it worked ;-).


VB.Net: Single Instance application the better way]3

This one is just a translation of what someone else did so not very proud of that.


Installing SQL Server 2008 express on Windows XP SP 2 without reading the manual]4

Wow, I wonder why people need to read a post like that, it should be so simple, but it wasn’t.

ITextSharp and the HeaderFooter on the first page

Thanks to a lack of good documentation, something you can never have enough of in a good OSS-project.

Best post ever

They were all goo posts. But I kinda think this one took me the most time to figure out myself.


Adding barcodes to rdlc reports]6

Worst post ever

If you think I wrote something bad please tell me because I couldn’t find one ;-).

The future

Who knows, if I knew I would tell you but I don’t so I won’t.

If you need to know anything else you know where to find me.