At LessThanDot, we’ve decided to release a series of articles, tips and tricks which will be known as the “Hacks” series. The first installment was the popular SQL Server Programming Hacks and this week sees the release of the ASP.NET Hacks. These hacks have been split up into the following categories:

1 Applications
2 Caching
3 Controls
4 Database
5 Dates
6 Debugging
7 Email
8 Encryption
9 Files
10 Images
11 Javascript
12 Objects and Classes
13 Pages
14 Sessions
15 Strings
16 Validation
17 Visual Studio
18 Web

We’ve decided to release these in the wiki so that anyone can contribute to them, so feel free to add anything else that you find useful.

LessThanDot ASP.NET Hacks: