T-SQL Tuesday #67We meet again for another edition of T-SQL Tuesday! On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, you’re invited to blog about a chosen topic. Link back to this blog post, read what others have written, and post about it on Twitter. We share knowledge and get to know other bloggers!

The June 2015 topic is Extended Events. I want to know (and others do, too) how you’ve solved problems with Extended Events. What sessions have you created? What unique way have you used predicates or targets? What challenges have you overcome?

If you’re thinking, “I haven’t used Extended Events!” or “I don’t know enough about Extended Events to write a blog about it!”, perfect! I want you to write a blog that lists the questions you have. That way, other contributors can leave comments with suggestions, or link to their blogs that give you answers. Don’t be shy! We all started out knowing nothing about this new feature.

The Rules

The first rule of T-SQL Tuesday is: talk about T-SQL Tuesday!

Post your blog between 00:00 GMT Tuesday, June 9 and 00:00 GMT Wednesday, June 10. (This is equivalent to 8:00 PM EDT Monday, June 8 and 8:00 PM EDT Tuesday, June 9. Check your time zone here.)

Come back here and leave a comment or a pingback to your post.

In the body of the blog, you must include the T-SQL Tuesday logo, with a link back to this blog.

Bonus Points

In the post title, include “T-SQL Tuesday #67″.

Tweet your blog post with the hash tag #tsql2sday.

Consider hosting in the future, and contact Adam if you’re interested.

I’ll be reading through all the blog posts and posting a round-up. I can’t wait to read your experiences with and your questions about Extended Events!

(Want to know what past topics have been? Huge thanks to Steve Jones for keeping the list here!)