This is part 2 of a 5-part series.



Publishers: servers SQL2014AG1 and SQL2014AG2, database AGTest

Distributor: stand-alone server, SQL2014demo

Subscriber: Azure SQL Database – server jessqldb2, database ReplicationTest

Setting up the replication distributor

The first step in this process is to set up the remote distributor. As I mentioned in the first blog, you do not want your distribution database on one of the AG replicas. You need to set this up on a server that is not part of the AG.

Start by logging on to the distributor server – in this demo, SQL2014demo.

Right-click Replication and select Configure Distribution.

Click Next on Welcome

Distributor – select ‘Server’ will act as its own Distributor. Click Next.

distribution 1

Snapshot folder – enter a network path that all the service accounts that run SQL Server engine and Agent on all the servers in this configuration have full rights to. Click Next.

distribution 2

Distribution Database – enter database name and file location. Click Next.

distribution 3

Publishers – use the Add button to connect to each of the servers that will be a publisher. If this is an AG configuration, it must be every replica in the AG. Click Next.

distribution 4

Distributor password – enter a secure administrative password. Save it in a password vault! Click Next.

distribution 5

Wizard Actions – check both boxes. Click Next.

distribution 6

Script file properties – choose a location to save the script. Review other options. Click Next.

distribution 7

Complete the wizard – click Finish. All options should have green checkmarks.

distribution 8


Your remote distributor is now configured. You’ll need the server name, database name, and admin password as you set up publishers and subscribers. Next, you’ll configure your publishers.