I hear that, “Sitting is the new smoking.” We’re supposed to stand more often, walk more often, move more often. I’m an active person (running and biking regularly) – but not while working. After using the same basic desk (not designed for office work) for several years, I decided to purchase a desk meant for someone who is on the computer all day.

Coworkers recommended The Human Solution’s UPLIFT Desk. With a wide variety of options for the frame, the top, and the accessories, along with a decent warranty, free shipping, and reasonable pricing, here is the setup I picked.

I chose the UPLIFT Stand Up Desk with 1” Thick Bamboo Top. I really, really wanted a reclaimed wood top – how gorgeous are those? How trendy? But…how expensive?!

My desktop is rectangular, 30” x 60”. It’s so big! I have room for two laptops with docks, their accessories, piles of books, and room to spare when need to read or write.

I picked a white C-frame. I like the clean look, and there is extra room for mounting a keyboard tray underneath. I’ll come back to that thought later.

I chose the Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad. It allows you to save up to 4 settings. I have 2 set right now – sitting and standing. I’m glad I went with this option. I’m sure I’d spend too much time every day trying to get the height just right otherwise.

I opted to get the advanced wire management kit. That was a good choice. You’ll see why soon.

Since I chose the 30” x 60” desk, I chose two wire grommets, right and left. That helps keep the wires clean.

I opted to get the fancy keyboard tray, and it’s been worth every penny. I’m small, so most desks and tables are way too high for me to set a keyboard and mouse on and use without having an aching shoulder and hurting wrists in an hour. The keyboard tray was really easy to install and lets me type comfortably.

The desk came with a free UPLIFT standing desk mat. If it hadn’t, I would have bought one anyway. My office is carpeted, and I have a plastic chair mat over it. I work from home, so I don’t wear shoes. (I wish I didn’t have to when I went into the office, either!) An anti-fatigue mat was a necessity. The mat is ¾” thick and high quality. I recommend it!

Because the monitor arm only came in black, I looked on Amazon.com for a white arm to match the frame. I purchased a MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand – in white.

I ordered on June 15 and the desk was delivered on June 23. Initial setup – putting the frame on the desk, installing the keypad, adding the keyboard tray – took about an hour and a half, and a drill and screwdriver. Figuring out where to set things on the desk so what I needed was in easy reach and wires reached everything was at least a week’s worth of work.

The only thing I would re-do is my keyboard tray placement. There is a metal plate that you screw on to the bottom of the desk. The instructions said to line it up with the front of the desk and screw it in. I did. Now, when I push the keyboard tray back all the way, less than one quarter of it fits under the desk. If I want it hidden, I have to swing it right. I’m going to take it off and place it back as far as I can.

The monitor arm took about 30 minutes to set up. It offers a lot of flexibility, though. I can adjust the monitors up and down, they swing right and left, I can move them closer or farther away, each can angle in or out, and they tilt up/down.

The wire management was a pain. Two laptops, two monitors, a USB hub, speakers, and accessories create a lot of wires. I added a level of difficulty by not putting my desk against a wall – I wanted it next to my window so I could look outside all the time, and not have the view obstructed by my monitors. I love it, but it was a lot of work to wrap those wires up – and it’s still not perfect.

After a couple weeks of use, I love this desk. I sit 25-30% of the day and stand the rest of it. I sit a lot while writing – I find it hard to stand and focus. I stand while working on tasks and during phone calls. Especially during phone calls! A wireless headset lets me wander all over the office.

I’d definitely recommend The Human Solution desks. This one is high quality and I expect it to last me for years!