On Saturday, March 29, 2014, Madison, WI will host its third annual SQL Saturday. I’ve been involved in organizing and presenting at all three events and I’m excited to say this will be our best year yet!

One of the new, exciting additions is three pre-cons. These are one-day, in-depth training events, held the Friday before, that will cover one topic. At $100, they are a steal – a full day of training, from experienced individuals, in a small classroom setting. Sign up for one today!

David Klee is presenting “Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs”. David is one of the most knowledgeable people I know about virtualization, and if you have questions about it, he’s a great resource.

Dan English will be traveling from Minnesota to present, “Self-Service BI to the Max”. He’ll walk you through the many ways people can analyze and visualize data – so if you have questions about any of those PowerThings Microsoft is releasing, this is a  great choice!

Last but not least, I’ll be teaming up with fellow LessThanDot blogger Ted Krueger to present “Make Me a Tuning Believer”. Ted and I have years of experience working with DBAs and developers to identify problem queries, fix issues, and write better code. We’re going to pass on many of our lessons learned and give you practical advice you’ll be able to use immediately.

Are you an accidental DBA or developer that has been told to make a T-SQL query run faster? How many times have you heard complaints from the business about a report taking 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or longer to run? Have you found yourself lost in the mix of execution plan operations and indexing and scans?

Come to this class to build your query and execution plan tuning skills from beginning to end. We'll focus on the everyday DBA's and developer's needs for tuning, and build up to more advanced methods which can be taken directly to work and bring immediate improvements in performance.

The workshop will show you skills and tools that revolve around what you will see most commonly in any business, such as:

  • The life cycle of a transaction
  • Preventing bad T-SQL coding practices
  • Reading an Execution Plan
  • Plan Cache and Monitoring
  • Execution Plan Tuning
  • Capturing bad execution plans that need to be tuned

You'll also have plenty of time to ask your questions and get answers!

If you are in the region and looking for a day of in-depth training, sign up for one of our pre-cons today – seating is limited and these are popular topics! If you are looking for a day of free training on a wide range of SQL Server topics, make sure you register for SQL Saturday. I look forward to seeing you there!