Did you know that there was a breaking change in Nancy 0.22? Did you check before updating that nuget package? If you answered no to the previous questions than you are probably me and did a booboo in production where you freaked someone else out, despite it taking them a few days to figure out it was no longer working. My code wasn’t phased by the change probably because VB.Net is superior and they use C# (le sigh).

Anyway, the json produced by Nancy 0.22 and up is now camelCased and no longer PascalCased. As can be read in this issue on Github.

So how do I now return it so it outputs PascalCasing again.

That’s simple (once you know how).

In your custom bootstrapper, which you just add somewhere in your project and Nancy will find it and lovingly use it.

you put this.

 Public Class BootStrapper Inherits DefaultNancyBootstrapper Protected Overrides Sub ApplicationStartup(container As TinyIoc.TinyIoCContainer, pipelines As IPipelines) MyBase.ApplicationStartup(container, pipelines) Json.JsonSettings.RetainCasing = True End Sub End Class 

It’s the Json.JsonSettings.RetainCasing that does the trick. True means I want PascalCasing, False means bad things happen to the other peoples code.

And that’s a shared property.

And share properties are hard to test.

But I tested it anyway, because I’m slightly awesome.

First I needed to override my bootstrapper (you might not need to do that, but I have several testbootstrappers in my testproject already and nancy picks those up and becomes sad).

 Private Class OverridenBootStrapper Inherits BootStrapper Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property RootPathProvider As IRootPathProvider Get Return New DefaultRootPathProvider End Get End Property End Class 

Where it inherits from the above bootstrapper I showed you.

And now the test.

  Public Sub BootstrapperShouldSetRetainCasing() Json.JsonSettings.RetainCasing = False Assert.IsFalse(Json.JsonSettings.RetainCasing) Dim browser = New Browser(_bootstrapper) Assert.IsTrue(Json.JsonSettings.RetainCasing) End Sub 

It’s a shared property remember so we have to do interesting things to it.

And nCrunch now says it loves me. I’m sure green means it loves me.

And tada everyone is happy again.

Did you like the title, I thought it was very clever of me.