As many of you know, Rob Farley and I have been friends for quite a number of years.  You may have also seen Rob’s post on SQLBlog recently announcing that Rob and I have taken that friendship and longtime relationship, to the next level by bringing LobsterPot Solutions to the United States.  LobsterPot Solutions has been a long standing, highly skilled consulting company in the SQL Server Consulting space, based in Australia.  I’ve always placed Rob and his team on the top list of consulting skills with focus on SQL Server and all the features that can be had within SQL Server.  With all of this, the idea of joining such a prestigious and skilled group of people is without a doubt, seen as a high point in any career.

LP_USALobsterPot Solutions US is going to hold a standard no less than the high standard Rob and team have already set.  The services encompass much  of what you already see coming from my own blog, past career standings and overall, extremely high skills in helping data services and data  architecture work better for our clients.  Truly, that is the highest achievement any consulting company can reach for: The best experience with  SQL Server and any data services needs that can be had.  I’ve set this standard in my own work for over a decade and LobsterPot Solutions AU  sets the same standards.  So, the fit is just right and we’re all looking forward to bringing just that level of work to the US.

If you’d like to learn more about us, our contact information is below.

LobsterPot Solutions can be contacted via email at, on the web at or, and on Twitter as @lobsterpot_au and @lobsterpot_us