Six months ago, I started something in the USA, with much support, that could literally be considered starting from ground zero. Through the reputation and standing I’ve created in the world of SQL Server and Data, I was able to form a business that, in under that six months, was successful to anyone that is in the technology side of consulting. Success is based on revenue, client success rates, client repeat work base, and pulling enough to forecast a track that easily retained a need for hiring on talented people like Mickey Stuewe (Blog | Twitter). What’s just as important to me is, the relationships I make along the way. There have been a lot of people along this path that have been key to my success, by helping in me making the right decisions.

Many have already seen, from other social areas, I have moved on and formed my own consulting business. My goals have not been sacrificed in any way by doing this, nor has the business model I hold close to how I work. That business model has one key piece and that is the group of other businesses I keep around me. I have never been a selfish person and find just as much enjoyment in sending work to others, as I do cashing a check for myself. This always lives up to be successful when it comes to clients maintaining the most skilled and highest quality delivery as possible.


This week, I took that same model and ambition to my own business: DataMetrics Consulting. There will be much pain, much work, and much success. Either way, the blood will be spilled for my family and the gains will be set for their future. I can’t wait to see how the future plays out for myself and everyone I’m fortunate enough to work with. After all, I work with some of the best partners in the business and sharing the amazing work we can all provide together, is going to be a great deal of enjoyment.

So here we go. DataMetrics Consulting is live and clients are coming in.