Just like last year, I’m a bit late with the obligatory “how was last year and what is this year supposed to bring” blog post. Anyway, here it is. Let’s start by wishing every one of you the very best for the new year. I hope 2015 may bring us many professional highlights, next to a fulfilling private life.


2014 was a great year professional wise: I had a long interesting project with interesting colleagues, I got to speak at two events and I did a webinar for the PASS BI virtual chapter. Because I got the ride the train to work, I got a little extra time to write articles, watch videos and read books. I got a nice list together in 2014:

2014 also brought me some professional recognition which I’m very grateful for: I was nominated for Author of the Year at MSSQLTips.com and for Best Blog at the Tribal Awards. At the time of writing, the winners are not yet announced. Fingers crossed!

To close off, the currently most viewed article on this blog is Stupid me #3 – Building the script component for some strange reason. It has almost 80,000 views, so I guess a lot people people are curious about building script components?

Anyway, I hope I can welcome you again at this blog in 2015 and I’d like to thank you for reading.

Best wishes!