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How to mount ISO images on Vista or Windows 7

Every time you buy a new computer you of course need to install a bunch of software. In my case this would be stuff mostly from MSDN Visual Studio 2008 + Service pack 1 SQL Server 2008 + Service pack 1 Expression Studio 2 Win XP SP 3 (to run on a virtual machine) Windows […]


Enabling ReadyBoost In Vista

So I just got a brand new shiny QuadCore PC with 6GB of RAM and Vista on it. I decided to setup ReadyBoost since I have a couple of USB dongles laying around. How does ReadyBoost work? Here is what Wikipedia has to say Using ReadyBoost-capable flash memory (NAND memory devices) for caching allows Windows […]


Cool Way To Launch The Malicious Software Removal Tool

There is a cool way to launch the Malicious Software Removal Tool by Microsoft. I was listening to the Security Now 180: Listener Feedback 58 podcast and Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson described a cool way to launch the Malicious Software Removal Tool Here are both ways 1) Click on Start–>Run enter MRT and hit […]