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Python 3.5+: Unicode output for Windows Console

I’ve tripped over this on 2 machines now and end up at the same out of date StackOverflow post, so maybe this will help someone else. Python 3.5, not 3.6, I had that wrong initially 🙂 Situation When you try to print a string with a Unicode character to the console on Windows in Python, […]


Misconceptions about unicode in SQL Server

I was browsing around last night on the internet and a person wanted to know what data type to use to store a course name. Here is an answer he got: I would recommend nvarchar or varchar for the name. Use nvarchar if you anticipate there ever being a point in the future that you […]


SQL Server Decode/Encode unicode data

Not all systems can correctly accommodate Unicode data. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to receive data that is encoded in such a way that it can be stored in an ASCII format. Of course, SQL Server can store Unicode data easily if you use the nvarchar data type. Converting to and from Unicode data can be […]