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MongoDB: Using the web-based administrative tool

MongoDB ships with a web-based administrative tool. You can see this tool by going to http://localhost:28017/

You can see a bunch of stuff on this screen.

However when trying any of these on top

List all commands | Replica set status



If you are suffering from Cisco VPN on 64 bit Windows then use the Shrew Soft VPN client

By now you probably have heard or seen the complains that there is no viable 64 bit VPN client that will work with a Cisco VPN. I myself either used a Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) or I have a dual boot system where I boot into the Fisher Price looking OS to VPN into work. […]


CHESS: An Automated Concurrency Testing Tool

CHESS is an automated tool from Microsoft Research for finding errors in multithreaded software by systematic exploration of thread schedules. It finds errors, such as data-races, deadlocks, hangs, and data-corruption induced access violations, that are extremely hard to find with current testing tools. Once CHESS locates an error, it provides a fully repeatable execution of […]


SSMS Tools PACK 1.1 – now with SQL Server Management Studio 2008 support

Mladen Prajdić has updated his SSMS Tools PACK to work with SQL Server 2008. Here are some of the cool new things – Query Execution History (Soft Source Control) and Current Window History: Save all executed queries to file or database and easily find them. Current window history is a dockable window that show queries […]


Get A Free SQL Server 2008 Ebook

Download a trial version of Red Gate’s SQL Toolbelt 2008 and get Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008 for free Products included in the SQL Toolbelt 2008: SQL Compare Pro SQL Data Compare Pro SQL Packager Pro SQL Prompt Pro SQL Doc Pro SQL Backup Pro SQL Data Generator SQL Dependency Tracker SQL Refactor […]