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How To Enable GodMode On Windows 7

Did you know that Windows 7 has a GodMode? What GodMode does is enable you to have a place where you can get to all the settings without having to browse around and click through options and folders in control panel.

Add a new folder to your desktop…


Kaxaml a lightweight XAML editor

Kaxaml is a lightweight XAML editor that gives you a “split view” so you can see both your XAML and your rendered content (kind of like XamlPad but without the gigabyte of SDK). First watch the video on channel 9 to see what it looks like. Here is what is covered: Robby Ingebretsen came by […]


sqltrace: A Tool Every SQL Server Developer Should Have

sqtlrace is a stored procedure written by Lee Tudor (a.k.a Mr Tea.) The procedure takes an SQL batch as its first argument, sets up a trace filtered to include the current connection only, runs the batch, and summarises the trace information per statement in the batch. This can be a very handy tool to track […]