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Taming RSS Feeds with XML::RSS and Template::Toolkit

This is a remarkably simple trick which I’ve found very handy. With a few lines of Perl you can take any RSS feed and format it to your liking.

Get the Feed

You can do this using LWP::Simple:

use LWP::Simple;

my $feed_url = ‘http://feeds.b…


T4 template to make a factory class.

Introduction Some jobs are tedious and errorprone. To avoid the errors we should unittest, but to avoid the tediousness we can make use of code generation. One such code generation tool is T4. It is available in Visual studio so why not use it? Well I can think of a few reasons. No intellisense no […]


How to export an outlook calendar to word

Someone today asked me how to copy paste the calendar in outlook to a word document. I couldn’t find the answer to that question but I found a suitable alternative instead. The alternative is to use this dot (template) file instead. I found it on this Microsoft site.. This isn’t made for us europeans, as […]


VB.Net: Resharper SurroundTemplate for Try Catch

Apparently someone at JetBrains forgot to add a surround template for Try catch in VB.Net. It is there for C#. So I created it for myself. This is the xml. Just save it in a file and import it in resharper. <TemplatesExport family=”Surround Templates”> <Template uid=”febffd83-d964-4b7d-96fe-abd071be9c50″ text=”Try&#xD;&#xA; $SELECTION$&#xD;&#xA;Catch ex As Exception&#xD;&#xA;&#xD;&#xA;End Try” shortcut=”” description=”Try…Catch” reformat=”true” […]