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Improved TeamCity .Net Build Warnings

A few years back, I posted “Displaying .Net Build Warnings in TeamCity“. Many folks found it useful (and it served as a good reference the last time I needed to re-setup warnings). Recently, Mitch Terlisner reached out to me with a much improved version to share with folks that includes better build status output, an […]


Access Git Commits during a TeamCity Build using Powershell

Recently I needed access to the list of commits that were included with each of my TeamCity builds. TeamCity provides a pretty big list of Predefined Build Parameters, but it doesn’t provide access to details of the commits it is currently building. Having Powershell and Git on my server, though, I can write some scripts […]


Displaying .Net Build Warnings in TeamCity

I like it when I kick off a build and there aren’t any warnings. Unfortunately I’m forgetful and it’s always easier to edit the code now then it is 3 months later (when I remember to look at the warnings).

This post will cover capturing MSBuild warnings in TeamCity and displayign the results in the dashboard, a custom chart, the build log, a raw text artifact, and a custom report tab in the run results.


Custom Charts in TeamCity

While re-implementing my continuous delivery pipeline in TeamCity last week, I skipped over charting the load tests results from WCAT. This weekend I returned to this task to find that it was less tricky than it originally appeared.


Continuous Delivery – To The Cloud!

So what do you do when you have a nice little build lab with two implementations of an automated deployment pipeline that includes unit testing, automated interface testing, automated deployments, smoke testing, automated load tests, static analysis, warning tracking, and automated sort-of QA and production deployments?

Take it to the cloud, of course.


Continuous Delivery with TeamCity

Over the series of 12 posts, I have built a continuous delivery pipeline around the MVC Music Store tutorial web site. The journey included making changes to support unit testing, creating a CI build, adding automated multi-environment deployment, automated interface testing, automated load testing stage, and static analysis. Up until now, this was entirely on Jenkins, but today I intend to re-implement the pipeline on TeamCity.