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Twisting My Arm – How I was Persuaded to Change StructureMap Versions

I’ve been using StructureMap 2.5x for some time, and I have been quite pleased with it. I’d read a bit about 2.6x, and the improvements to the registry DSL seemed cool but not quite cool enough to give me the motivation I needed to make upgrading the version used in my project a priority. A […]


Dependency Injection Tool StructureMap 2.5 Has Been Released

StructureMap is a Dependency Injection tool written in C# for .NET development. StructureMap is also a generic “Plugin” mechanism for flexible and extensible .NET applications. The new functionality in StructureMap 2.5: Completely revamped Assembly scanning options Cleaner, more predictable way to initialize a Container.  StructureMapConfiguration is now deprecated, please use ObjectFactory.Initialize(). Optional setter injection All […]