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SQL Advent 2012 Day 7: Lack of constraints

This is day seven of the SQL Advent 2012 series of blog posts. Today we are going to look at constraints

SQL Server supports the following types of constraints: NOT NULL, CHECK, UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY. Using constraints is preferred to using DML Triggers, rules, and defaults. The query optimizer will also use constraint definitions to build high-performance query execution plans.


SQL Advent 2012 Day 6: Standardized Naming And Other Conventions

Every company needs to have standards that developers need to follow in order to make maintenance easier down the road. There are several things that you can standardize on:

The naming of objects
The layout of code including comments
The way that e…


SQL Advent 2012 Day 5: Do not trust the SSMS designers

Today we are going to look at why you need to be able to write your own DDL statements.

Read the following two lines, have you ever answered that or has anyone every answered that when asked this question?

Question: How do you add a primary key to a table?
Answer: I click on the yellow key icon in SSMS!


What does the lock icon mean in SSMS when looking at a stored procedure?

SQL Server Management Studio will sometimes show a lock next to a stored procedure, there are several reasons why this might happen.

The procedure is encrypted
The procedure is a CLR stored procedure
The user doesn’t have the view definition permis…


Latest article by SQL Server MVP Erland Sommarskog is a gem

SQL Server MVP Erland Sommarskog has posted his latest article yesterday and I highly recommend printing it out/transferring it to your ebook reader and reading it.
Of course I think most of you are already familiar with Erland’s article The curse and…


Dealing with The row value(s) updated or deleted either do not make the row unique or they alter multiple rows errors

Someone asked about this error this morning and I decided to turn it into a blog post. Basically the person was using the designer/editor in SSMS to delete a row, the table didn’t have a key and the rows were not unique, he got the following error: The…


Use Filters in SSMS to only see the things that are of interest to you

Now that all my server are SQL Server 2008 I use SSMS with SSMS Toolpack and Toad. I don’t really use Query Analyzer anymore. The other day I found out that you can hide objects you don’t want to see in SSMS by using filters. Let’s first look at some code. Create a new database […]


SSMS Tools PACK, Something Every SQL Server Developer That Uses SSMS Should Have Installed

This post was already published yesterday, someone deleted it by mistake so I had to recreate it…sorry for that (and thanks for google cache :-))

SSMS Tools PACK is an Add-In (Add-On) for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Se…

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