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Some PostgreSQL Announcements

Today there were some PostgreSQL announcements, these announcements are below pgAdmin v1.10.0 Beta 3 is now available pgAdmin v1.10.0 Beta 3 is now available for testing in source, Windows and Mac OS X distributions from: http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/pgadmin3/release/v1.10.0-beta3/ New version of PostgreSQL 8.3 Live CD released PostgreSQL live CD, which is based on Fedora 10. The major […]


An Interview With Kevin Kline About SQL In A Nutshell Third Edition

Most of the database developers these days don’t work with just one RDBMS, a large percentage will work with at least two of them. SQL In A Nutshell will help you with that, no longer do you have the need for two or more books open at the same time. I asked Kevin Kline if […]


Npgsql2 the PostgreSQL Net Data provider written 100% in C# has been released

Npgsql2 has been RTM 🙂 Npgsql is a .Net Data Provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for .Net framework to access the PostgreSQL database server. It is implemented in 100% C# code. Works with Postgresql 7.x and above. Npgsql2 Supports .Net 2.0 and 3.5 and there is even added support for the EntityFramework […]