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Programatically create a sharepoint calendar entry

We recently had a requirement to programatically create an entry in an existing Sharepoint calendar, so here is an example of how we went about doing this.I’ll be using Visual Studio 2008 for this, but the process will similar for any other versions you are using. First of all, you will need to add a reference to one of the Sharepoint web references, so right-click your project and select Add Web Reference.


Generic Object Pool

Recently I was working with some socket programming using the SocketAsyncEventArgs class. When writing high performance .NET code it is a good idea to keep object creation to a minimum. Instead of creating a new SocketAsyncEventArgs instance every time an action was performed I decided to put together a simple generic object pool. I hope […]


A Simple Parallel.ForEach Implementation in .NET 3.5

In an application I’m working on, I had a need for a method to write a single object to several Lucene indexes in order to support different types of searches. I ended up with a method that looks like this:
public static void Accept<T>(T to_be_i…


Phone Number Primitive

I don’t know how many times I’ve put together the same slow regexp to check if the user input is a valid phone number. I decided that this cannot go on and developed a simple phone number primitive. Now our main concern here is the performance of TryParse since it will be used the most. […]


Lazy Coding?

Are you waiting for .NET 4.0 to take advantage of lazy initialization? Now you don’t have to. The question you need to ask yourself is why haven’t I already made this myself? Aren’t we all a little lazy? /// <summary> /// Provides support for lazy initialization. /// </summary> /// <typeparam name=”T”>Specifies the type of object […]


C# Dynamic Data Layer

Update: I added some code to handle DBNulls. With the upcoming release of .NET 4.0 we will be seeing the new dynamic type introduced. The dynamic type bypasses static type checking and is instead checked at run-time. It was introduced to improve interoperability with dynamic languages like IronPython as well as simplifying the usage COM […]


Fun With NDepend

I just finished another course at school that involved studying an open-source application. I’ve gotten tired of studying Java and using Java tools, so I decided to try studying a .net project. Luckily I stumbled upon NDepend which is the most fully featured tool for studying .net code that I’ve seen to date. In the […]


Financial Functions for .NET released

Luca Bolognese has released a .NET library that provides the full set of financial functions from Excel. The main goal for the library is compatibility with Excel, by providing the same functions, with the same behavior. Note though that this is not a wrapper over the Excel library; the functions have been re-implemented in managed […]


Dependency Injection Tool StructureMap 2.5 Has Been Released

StructureMap is a Dependency Injection tool written in C# for .NET development. StructureMap is also a generic “Plugin” mechanism for flexible and extensible .NET applications. The new functionality in StructureMap 2.5: Completely revamped Assembly scanning options Cleaner, more predictable way to initialize a Container.  StructureMapConfiguration is now deprecated, please use ObjectFactory.Initialize(). Optional setter injection All […]


Mono 2.0 Has Been Released

Mono 2.0 Has Been Released Mono 2.0 is a portable and open source implementation of the .NET framework for Unix, Windows, MacOS and other operating systems. Some Details: Microsoft Compatible APIs ADO.NET 2.0 API for accessing databases. ASP.NET 2.0 API for developing Web-based applications. Windows.Forms 2.0 API to create desktop applications. System.XML 2.0: An API […]

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