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Speaking at ITPROceed 2015

This year I have the opportunity again to speak at ITPROceed, the biggest (Microsoft-related) conference in Belgium for the IT professional. The conference takes place the 11th of June at Utopolis Mechelen. My session is situated in the Data Platform & Internet of Things┬átrack and is titled┬áDemystifying Power BI. Basically it introduces the full Power […]


Rants about Connect

The site connect.microsoft.com is a wonderful concept: you can provide feedback about the Microsoft products, report bugs and give suggestions directly to the teams responsible for those products. People can vote on items to indicate them as more import…


How I prepared myself for the MCSE certification

This blog details my preparation for the MCSE – Business Intelligence certification.


Have you Tried Out Microsoft TFS 2010?

Several times I found myself wanting to try out different features of TFS 2010, but my only options appeared to be building a virtual machine (time consuming and requires gobs of money or an MSDN/TechNet subscription) or using a live server as a guinea pig (for some reason admins frown on this). Luckily there’s an easier option, I just wasn’t aware of it until last week.


Microsoft Source Analysis for C# Announced

Microsoft Source Analysis for C# has been announced. Here is what I found on the Microsoft site: This tool is known internally within Microsoft as StyleCop, and has been used for many years now to help teams enforce a common set of best practices for layout, readability, maintainability, and documentation of C# source code. Source […]