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Five things wouldn’t miss in SQL Server

Everyone took all the good things already so I’m sitting here with the leftovers. Still a few things I call pet peeves and I wouldn’t miss. So here is the big five that came to mind…


SQL Meme: Tagged: 5 things SQL Server should drop

I have been tagged by Aaron Bertrand in the latest SQL meme: Tagged: 5 things SQL Server should drop. This meme is about five thing that you wished that were dropped from SQL Server. Actually I prefer that SQL Server adds stuff instead of removes stuff, I can always ingore the things I don’t like. […]


How I got started with SQL Server

I got tagged by Denny Cherry (blog | twitter) who himself got tagged by Brent Ozar (blog | twitter), they want to know how I got started with SQL Server. So here is my story. My first database was not SQL Server but DB2 running on a mainframe; this was about 10 years ago and […]


The Most Used Words On Our Blog

I got tagged by Denny Cherry (@mrdenny on twitter) to create an image of the most used words on our blog. As you can see SQL rules here, I wonder why???? So how did I create this image? I used Wordle, Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The […]