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How do you manage SQL Agent Jobs when using mirroring?

I have a bunch of SQL Agent jobs that execute T-SQL against databases. A bunch of these databases are mirrored. Of course if the database is the principal then these jobs will work without a problem. But what happens if you failover? Now these jobs will…


SQL Advent 2012 Day 10: SQL Server Maintenance

This is day ten of the SQL Advent 2012 series of blog posts. Today we are going to look at SQL Server maintenance

That is all for day tenof the SQL Advent 2012 series, come back tomorrow for the next one, you can also check out all the posts f…


You don’t need to shrink a database to get a smaller backup

Last weekend I decided to do some maintenance on one of our database to see if I can get some freespace back. I use compression for some of the older tables and also reindexed the tables with a higher fill factor. After I was done, I got over 200 GB of…


12 ways to break your database server before the first transaction

Defaults hurt. They take a 3 inch splinter and try to bury it as far up and under your nail as far as they possibly can. Every database server has a task. A mission if you will. That mission is to serve the data and secure the data. Some need 32GB of RAM; some need 3GB of RAM. This one might need 32 spindles on RAID 3 billion.


Trusting Database Engine Tuning Advisor for Query Tuning

So my tip for the day; don’t forget DTA as a beneficial tool to be the lazy DBA we all speak of. It can truly help you even if that is simply taking some code writing shortcuts. But, believe it as much as you believe the first Google hit you get back when researching a problem.


Index DMV usage considerations

Index DMV/DMF goodness! SQL Server 2005 and up has given us the ability to truly be more efficient in gathering information in which we can be more proactive. With everything these objects give us, a price has to be paid. We will discuss that price but first, we’ll go over a few major features that DMV/DMF has provided to us in regards to indexes to help us in our daily tasks.


Finding Fragmentation Of An Index And Fixing It

A lof of time your index will get fragmented over time if you do a lot of updates or inserts and deletes.
We will look at an example by creating a table, fragmenting the heck out of it and then doing a reorganize and rebuild on the index.

First crea…