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Continuous Javascript Test Execution with WallabyJS

After working with NCrunch building and running tests in the background for the last several years, it feels like something is broken when I have to wait for test results or push a button to start running them. JavaScript runners just didn’t feel like they provided the same level of development feedback, whether they were […]


Bundling with the RequireJS Optimizer

When we build sites using an AMD library like RequireJS, we will have a long list of files that need to be downloaded when someone uses the site. More files means more trips to the server and more download time. Minifying files and using gzip can speed up the download times, but neither affects the […]


Continuous Javascript Testing with Karma

I use a continuous testing tool named NCrunch for all of my .Net code. In fact, NCrunch has spoiled me so much that manually running tests is bordering on painful. I’ve gotten used to doing absolutely nothing and still having the latest build results, test results, code coverage, highlighted execution paths for failed tests, and […]


Unit Testing with Jasmine 2.0 and Require.JS

Jasmine 2.0 has changed how it loads and executes tests, using a boot script now to handle the details. If you try to plug some require() calls into the sample SpecRunner.html page, Jasmine will be done and finished before the require() statement loads the test modules and their dependencies. The problem is that RequireJS loads […]


Using T4 templates for Centralized Javascript

In my previous post I mentioned that I was looking for an answer to the age-old question of how to manage common CSS and JavaScript across multiple projects (specifically ASP.Net projects). Using T4 templates, I was able to not only create a common location for CSS files, but to take it a step farther and use Less in ordr to simplify that common CSS even further.


CSS, Javascript, T4 Templates, and Less, Oh My

For the past few months, I have been looking for a way to define some JS and CSS files that would be shared between multiple projects in an ASP.Net solution. The intent is to define common scripts and CSS in one place instead of trying to keep multiple copies of it in sync or implementing an internal CDN with a versioning scheme. The challenge is finding a way to do this with a minimum of impact on the development, deployment, and production processes.


Getting Started with JavaScript Unit Testing

Recently I decided to start doing JavaScript code katas. I’ve been using JavaScript for around ten years, but there there are still a lot of aspects I don’t know well or that I could use more practice in. Case in point, I had never used a unit testing framework with javascript.


Google realizes that JavaScript is a dead end programming language, to be replaced by Dart a new language

All the way back in 2010 Google realized that JavaScript is a dead end programming language.

Here is what was posted on the com.googlegroups.google-caja-discuss list

Javascript has fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed merely by evolving the


What Does a Web Developer Need To Know

What is a web developer? Recently I was involved in a discussion about the skills a web developer is expected to have and how interesting it has been to watch common bad practices (like table layout and SQL injection) continue to spread. So in the nature of Denis’s What does a SQL Server developer need to know? post, I present the web developer breakdown.


Machete – A scripting runtime for .NET

In an attempt to overcome by perfectionism I’ve decided to open source my long term side project Machete for the world to see. Machete is my own dialect of the ECMAScript 5 standard or as it is more commonly called JavaScript.

The compiler is wr…

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