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ISO Week In SQL Server

ISO Week in SQL Server First let’s take a look at what ISO week is, from WikiPedia: Week date representations are in the format as shown below. YYYY-Www or YYYYWww YYYY-Www-D or YYYYWwwD [YYYY] indicates the so-called ISO year which is slightly different than the calendar year (see below). [Www] is the week number prefixed […]


ISO-11179 Naming Conventions

Straight from the man himself comes this statement posted in the microsoft.public.sqlserver.programming forum: “You need to read ISO-11179 so you use proper data element names. You actually had “tbl-“on the table names! Sometimes “id” id a prefix and sometimes it is a postfix.” Of course you know who I am talking about? No? Joe Celko […]