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Intellisense for custom XML in Visual Studio

This is one of those things that I only need once every several months and always forget how to do. Working with custom XML in Visual Studio is a whole lot easier with intellisense. Schema errors are highlighted, enumerated values are displayed, and the amount of typing goes from full tag names to just a few characters followed by tab to complete.


HTML5 Support for the Visual Studio 2010 Editor available for download

The first Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is available for download, you can get it here: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a15c3ce9-f58f-42b7-8668-53f6cdc2cd83

We just released the first Web Standards Update for Visual St…


How to refresh the local IntelliSense cache in SQL Server Management Studio

This question came up again yesterday in our SQL Server forum so I decided to create a short blog post about it.
The version of SQL Server Management Studio that ships with SQL Server2008 comes with IntelliSense enabled, I still think IntelliSense is s…


jQuery will ship with ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio!

Now here is some exciting news if you are a web developer in a MSFT shop. Microsoft will ship jQuery with ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio. John Resig writes: Microsoft is looking to make jQuery part of their official development platform. Their JavaScript offering today includes the ASP.NET Ajax Framework and they’re looking to expand […]