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SQL Server Days 2014 – Slide deck

SQL Server Days 2014 is over, but it has been one great event. A very big thanks to the organizers! My session went pretty well, somewhere around 60 attendees I would guess and they didn’t seem too bored. I saw some other great sessions as well, such as Buck Woody (twitter) on Big Data (and […]


SSIS Performance Testing

I had to do some performance testing for an upcoming MSSQLTips article and I thought I’d share the framework I used in a blog post. First of all we have to log start and end dates of the package to a table so we can easily calculate the duration a package took to finish. This […]


When is DTEXEC installed?

Which minimal components do you need to install to run SSIS packages on a server? Let’s find out!


Create XML Files Out Of SQL Server With SSIS And FOR XML Syntax

So you want to spit out some XML from SQL Server into a file, how can you do that? There are a couple of ways, I will show you how you can do it with SSIS. In the SSIS package you need an Execute SQL Task and a Script Task.

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