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Bing, worth switching from Google?

Bing is the latest version of a search engine developed by Microsoft. Microsoft was developing and testing for the last couple of months a search engine with the name Kumo which in Japanese means spider or cloud. Kumo was of course just the code name for what would become eventually Bing. Search is very important […]


FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 Memory Usage, IE8 Uses More Memory Than Chrome and FireFox Combined

I decided to do a little test on one of my machines with the three browsers I use most. In each browser I opened up Gmail, Google Reader and CNNMoney. I did this on Friday and did not look at the memory usage until Monday. After a little less than 3 days, we get the […]


Has Google Been Hacked? Every search result shows This site may harm your computer.

What is going on with Google today? Every search I do has This site may harm your computer.

See the image below

And how ironic is this? Google itself shows up as malware LOL

Google seemed to have fixed this problem, Took about…


Google Interview Questions

Google Interview Questions

So the economy is really bad and your job might be on the line, Google is always looking for new talent. Here are 2 questions that they asked a friend of mine. What would you answer?

1. You have been shrunk down to the s…


Google Chrome Dev Channel: Early Access to Features and Fixes

If you want to get the new Chrome features as soon as possible then you are in luck; Google has launched the Google Chrome Dev Channel. The Google Chrome Dev Channel will give you early access to features and fixes. The Dev channel is useful for: Web developers who want to test their sites or […]