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Using Code Katas to Improve Programming Skills

Feelings about programming katas tend to fall into one of 3 buckets; disdain, indifference, or appreciation. The indifferent crowd generally doesn’t see what you learn from repeating the same coding exercise, while the disdainful crowd feels the same way, but at a much louder (and of course disdainful) volume. That leaves the group that feel there is value in repetitively coding the same exercise or coding numerous small code examples.


Building a Lightweight Project Management Process

Working as a Software Developer* in a range of small companies and organizations, I’ve had the opportunity to work on quite a number of different projects. That experience has given me a healthy appreciation for how not to execute projects, as well as a healthy respect for process. Recently I pulled together a basic process to help manage the development tasks I am working on, track completion against my estimates, and a number of other things. It takes roughly an hour every two weeks and 5-10 minutes per day to maintain.


Resources for Professional Development

Waiting for your company to provide training courses or advancement opportunities? It might be a long wait. Unfortunately many companies overlook professional development or consistently sacrifice it when the first round of annual budget cuts occur. Even when we do get training opportunities, many of us continue to select classes at random, based on what […]


Developing KBay: It’s All About the Team

Hello Everyone, Rick here again with another little blurb on my most recent Silverlight project, KBay. Today, I’d like to write a little bit about what went right. Separation of Power One of the biggest attributes of KBay’s success, IMO, was the segregation of development. My coworker Adam (Hi Adam!) and I handled the majority […]


5 Books Every Developer Should Read

Which books should you read/buy when you are a programmer? I have listed 5 books that have helped me a lot. The books that I have chosen are not specific to any language although some of the books have examples in one language only. Design Patterns has examples in smalltalk and C++ but since the […]