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Using a Perl Singleton to Share Values Between Objects

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. Since my last entry I got a new job, got married, went on honeymoon (got back yesterday!) and spent quite a lot of time maintaining legacy Perl code.

One thing I see a lot is sharing objects by passi…


Patterns And Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0, Something Everyone Should Read

I was listening to show number 426 on dotnetrocks: Rob Boucher on Application Architecture Guidance! They mentioned the Patterns And Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0, this guide is available for free on codeplex.

Although it is a Microsof…


Nice .NET Design Patterns Articles

The DotNetSlackers site has a nice series of articles about design patterns. The articles were written by Granville Barnett and are a very good read. Here is what is in the first four articles. Design Patterns – Part 1 Learn how to design more robust and maintainable code by incorporating design patterns into your software […]


5 Books Every Developer Should Read

Which books should you read/buy when you are a programmer? I have listed 5 books that have helped me a lot. The books that I have chosen are not specific to any language although some of the books have examples in one language only. Design Patterns has examples in smalltalk and C++ but since the […]