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SQL Advent 2012: Recap

A recap of all the SQL Advent 2012 posts


SQL Advent 2012 Day 6: Standardized Naming And Other Conventions

Every company needs to have standards that developers need to follow in order to make maintenance easier down the road. There are several things that you can standardize on:

The naming of objects
The layout of code including comments
The way that e…


SQL Advent 2012 Day 5: Do not trust the SSMS designers

Today we are going to look at why you need to be able to write your own DDL statements.

Read the following two lines, have you ever answered that or has anyone every answered that when asked this question?

Question: How do you add a primary key to a table?
Answer: I click on the yellow key icon in SSMS!


Use DDL Triggers To Track Table Changes

Someone wanted to know when and by who a certain table was dropped, I told the person that you can do this with a DDL trigger.Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track exactly all the DDL statements that were executed on a table in your database? Well, you can by using DDL Triggers