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A Simple Parallel.ForEach Implementation in .NET 3.5

In an application I’m working on, I had a need for a method to write a single object to several Lucene indexes in order to support different types of searches. I ended up with a method that looks like this:
public static void Accept<T>(T to_be_i…


Visual Studio 2010 Concurrency Profiling And Parallel Programming

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 are almost released, one of the new things that ship with this release is Parallel Programming. Since you can’t buy a machine anymore with just one core it is time that we developers get intimate with concurrent programmi…


CHESS: An Automated Concurrency Testing Tool

CHESS is an automated tool from Microsoft Research for finding errors in multithreaded software by systematic exploration of thread schedules. It finds errors, such as data-races, deadlocks, hangs, and data-corruption induced access violations, that are extremely hard to find with current testing tools. Once CHESS locates an error, it provides a fully repeatable execution of […]