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Process Kills Developer Passion…and Kittens, Lots of Kittens

So recently I found out that process kills developer passion. Actually I found out over and over, as numerous people sent me the link. In fact, I even heard certain past co-workers silently wishing they could send me the link (well, they would if they h…


Be careful when passing around parameters, make sure they are the same size and type

Someone tried to figure out why his data was showing the next day when he passed in today’s date. If you are not careful to use the same data type and this includes scale and precision as well, you can get some strange results. In this post I will take…


How To Name Default Constraints And How To Drop Default Constraint Without A Name In SQL Server

Take a look at this code

create table Foo2(id int,
id2 int constraint DefaultID2 default 1)

As you can see it is a simple table with 2 columns, the second column has a constraint on it named DefaultID2.
We can verify that the table has a default…


Site is no more after they discover they did not have SQL Server backups

Oops, that sucks Journalspace is no more. Here is what they have said about this on their blog It was the guy handling the IT (and, yes, the same guy who I caught stealing from the company, and who did a slash-and-burn on some servers on his way out) who made the choice to rely […]