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Diagnostic Manager – Custom Alerts

One of the great things about Diagnostic Manager is the ability to create custom alerts. This is something I believe needs a bit more work, but even in its current state, it is really useful.


Do You Get A Benefit From Compressing Backups If You Already Have Compressed Data?

Do you benefit from compressed backups if your data is compressed already? This was a question that was asked recently; I thought that the question was interesting and decided to do some testing. Here is what we will do; we will create two databases with only one table. In one database we will use page […]


Testing backup compression in SQL Server 2008

I got a brand new SQL Server 2008 test server and decided to test backup compression. I picked 2 databases to do this test; the smaller database is 4.8GB in size the bigger database is about 44 GB in size.
Let’s start with the smaller database.


Site is no more after they discover they did not have SQL Server backups

Oops, that sucks Journalspace is no more. Here is what they have said about this on their blog It was the guy handling the IT (and, yes, the same guy who I caught stealing from the company, and who did a slash-and-burn on some servers on his way out) who made the choice to rely […]