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SQL is Hard (still): Reviving a stale application

Several years ago, I launched SQLisHard to help folks learn SQL. Some folks learn well from books or videos, but others learn best by getting in there and running queries. I monitored and tweaked things for about a year, trying to get the first set of exercises smoothed out. Then, like many folks, I was […]


Deploying to ServiceFabric from TeamCity

Recently I’ve been working on an application that runs partially in Azure ServiceFabric. I’ve created a local cluster to work against and now it’s time to configure my TeamCity deployment to deploy upgrades to my application automatically. Initial details: Deploying 2 projects: a .Net 4.6.2 ASP.Net Core app to web app .Net 4.6.2 ServiceFabric project […]


Creating a local Service Fabric Cluster

Working with Service Fabric and want a local cluster to test and develop against? Here’s the step-by-step path I took from a set of fresh Windows VMs to a running, secured Service Fabric cluster using self-signed X509 certificates. There are a number of Microsoft docs that cover this subject, this is a single beginning-to-end path […]


Real World Azure: Lease Container bug in Azure Storage API

Recently we’ve been working with the raw Azure Storage API to try and get to a more stable solution then the far more aggressively changing Azure Storage SDK. One of the goals is to be able to work equally well locally, against the emulator, and in production. We’re used to cases where the Emulator diverges […]


Speaking at ITPROceed 2015

This year I have the opportunity again to speak at ITPROceed, the biggest (Microsoft-related) conference in Belgium for the IT professional. The conference takes place the 11th of June at Utopolis Mechelen. My session is situated in the Data Platform & Internet of Things┬átrack and is titled┬áDemystifying Power BI. Basically it introduces the full Power […]


Automated Deployment to Azure Hosted Services

Azure Hosted Services offers several really awesome features over using physical servers or standard VM infrastructure. Two of these are the staged deployment model and management SDK, which includes a powershell module. Using these two features, we are going to build a deployment script that deploys a new set of services (servers) in Azure, using […]


Expanding an Existing Azure VM System Drive

I have an Azure VM that was created back when the C: drives had an 30GB size limitation (which leaves maybe 8GB after all the OS files, Windows updates, etc). This present a considerable challenge when I go to install something that has to be installed on the C: Drive, like Visual Studio 2013. Finding […]


Combine Azure Storage Analytics Logs with Powershell

When you have Storage Analytics transaction logging turned on, it produces transaction log files for each service call you make to blob, table, or queue service. Unfortunately it captures these in multiple files per hour, stored in a folder hierarchy by service (blob, queue, table), year, month, day, and hour. Trying to dig through these […]


Azure Web Sites Deployment and Unit Testing

The automatic deployment option of Azure Web Sites is really cool and demos well. A few months ago I was curious how far I could push it, whether I could replace more complex projects that I currently deploy from my build server. I had read a couple posts on unit testing during deployment, but so […]


Azure Storage SDK 3.0.2 and Preview Azure Storage Emulator 2.2.1

Late in November, the Azure Storage team announced an update of the Storage Library that corresponds with the “2013-08-15” Storage API update. They weren’t explicit about it in the release post, but this was a major version upgrade to Azure Storage SDK 3.0. The 3.0.2 Storage SDK is not part of an official Azure SDK […]

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