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From Eli’s Shelves: Books for IT Architecture

Most companies reach a point in their lives when they realize that they aren’t entirely sure what IT resources they have, how they’re deployed, what direction they’re headed, or whether they’re ready for the next big shift from the business. Some companies visit this point multiple times, either in response to shifts in the company or business landscape or as a result of letting the environment devolve back into it’s primordial beginnings.


Model-View-Presenter: Looking at Passive View

Model-View-Presenter is an architecture pattern that defines a structure for behavior and logic at the UI level. M-V-P separates the logic of the presentation, such as interacting with back-end services and the business layer, from the mechanics of disp…


IT: Beyond the ‘Right Now’ Problem

In an IT department there is a tendency to classify operations as being reactive or proactive and, often, pressure to have more of the latter and less of the former. Pressure, that is, until a PC breaks down, a network connection drops, a data record goes missing, or any of a dozen other issues which […]


Patterns And Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0, Something Everyone Should Read

I was listening to show number 426 on dotnetrocks: Rob Boucher on Application Architecture Guidance! They mentioned the Patterns And Practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0, this guide is available for free on codeplex.

Although it is a Microsof…


5 Books Every Developer Should Read

Which books should you read/buy when you are a programmer? I have listed 5 books that have helped me a lot. The books that I have chosen are not specific to any language although some of the books have examples in one language only. Design Patterns has examples in smalltalk and C++ but since the […]


Danger in Design: Why bother with Architecture ?

Creativity is a wonderful thing. It’s also something different for each of us, which is why sometimes our perspectives on the world can produce conflicting ideas on what is the right way and the wrong way to do things. This is a very common facet of the IT world, in particular making computer software, solutions […]