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SPA Routing in ASP.Net Core

One of the challenges of SPA applications is making sure a bookmark or hard refresh knows how to load just enough of the content from the server before applying the client-side routing logic to that base page. This is not guaranteed to be the only way to do this, just the one that worked for […]


Elasticsearch and my setup. Part 1: the why and the how.

Introduction Over the past few years I used elasticsearch, one bit for using as a fulltextsearch engine and one bit as using to store logdata. Somehow I ended up with 2 seperate elasticsearch server, each forming their own cluster. The cluster was in a yellow state most of the time if not red the ther […]


Mapping Complex Types to/from the DB with PetaPoco

Recently I was working on an application with rich C# objects that I wanted to store simplified in the database, without having to write custom logic for each new save or query that I add to the application. Luckily, the library I had chosen for data access (AsyncPoco, a variant Petapoco) has a mechanism that […]


Software Development Survey 2017

  So, you’re a developer? or an architect? or maybe even a technical delivery manager? Great 🙂 I need you! I’m currently doing some research for an upcoming book, and for a new software product, and who better to ask than those that are building and delivering software solutions each and every day? So I’d like […]


Creating a Static-Generated Marketing Site

If you’re working on a free product or startup, you’re probably thinking frequently about how to balance your time across all the things that need doing. One of those millions of things is getting a marketing site up to tell people about your amazing thing, and do so in a way that looks professional, is […]


Catch my keynote at Chicago Code Camp 2017!

I have a notebook for my Ideas, and Dreams, and Goals. Here’s one of my Ideas. I watched a very inspiring keynote at That Conference, and I decided I wanted to be the person at the front of the room, giving a keynote, inspiring the audience. Achievement unlocked: on Saturday, April 29, 2017, I’ll be […]


Learning Elixir and Phoenix – Getting a handle on the language

Recently I started learning Elixir and the Phoenix framework. I’ve found that mixing hands on programming with reading is the fastest way for me to get up to speed with a new language or framework, so if that’s your style you might find this useful. In this post I started at zero and ended at […]


Learning Elixir and Phoenix – Environments and Editors

Recently I started down the path to learn Elixir and the Phoenix framework. This is a language and framework I intend to use quite a bit, so my goal is to get from “barely able to read it” to “able to ship readable, idiomatic, testable apps”. Having learned a fairly large number of languages, libraries, […]


Using Azure Functions to add a Contact Form to a Static Site

My personal website is a static site: 100% HTML, JS, and CSS files with no server-side processing. I have custom code that pulls data from a variety of sources and builds updated versions of the files from templates, which are then deployed to the host. I do this to move the CPU latency of building […]


You Are Responsible for Telling Your Story

As I’m writing this, it’s January, and I see a steady stream of “working on my annual review” tweets. You want something. (We all do.) It could be a raise or a promotion at your current job, a new job, or a board position at a non-profit you love. How do you get that something? […]

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