The best part about the SQL Server community is the people in it. Over the past few years, I’ve met many great DBAs, developers, architects, evangelists, consultants, and more. Many times over, the people have become more than colleagues – they have become friends.

Unfortunately, most times I get to see my friends at user group meetings or conferences. It’s a joy to see them, but we’re busy dashing between sessions, asking questions, presenting, and networking. Aaron Lowe (blog | twitter) was thinking about this problem one day, and had An Idea: SQL Friends lunches! The idea is to get SQL professionals together over lunch to talk – about any topic!

I attended SQL Friends Lunch #2 in Chicago, where Ted Krueger was the guest of honor. The event proved to be a great concept. We ended up staying well past the time we had the room and chatting. I got to see old friends, and meet new ones.

Aaron asked me to be the guest of honor at SQL Friends Lunch #4, in Chicago on Friday, September 21, and I jumped at the chance! If you are in the area, please book a seat and join me and other SQL geeks for lunch! We’ll be eating at Kroll’s on the South Loop – I can’t wait to dig into a pile of tater tots, and answer all your questions!