You may or may not have noticed it after installing SQL Server 2012: the designer interface in Visual Studio 2010/2012 has had a make-over. Nothing too drastic, but at least the undo button works. However, sometimes when you drag or move tasks/components on the canvas, they start to shake. A lot. And very annoyingly as well. (Quite impossible to take a screenshot of that, so sorry). This behaviour emerged after applying CU6. There are Connect items logged about this issue:

Luckily Microsoft patched this bug in CU7. You can download the hotfix here. If your environment is up-to-date with the latest patches, most likely you won't experience this bug.

I patched the Visual Studio 2010 environment at the client and the issue went away. But at home I use Visual Studio 2012 and the issue was still there, even after applying the fix. Fortunately, Twitter was there with the answer:

If you go back to the first Connect item, these steps are described in the work arounds and they work like a charm.

The issue has also been reported for SSIS 2014, and while the item has been closed as fixed, there’s no explanation on how it is fixed. Maybe in an upcoming CU for SQL Server 2014? It’s possible the same work around works for SSIS 2014, but I haven’t tried it (I don’t have the bug in Visual Studio 2013) so if you do try it, it’s at your own risk.