I don’t know how to describe how awesome and amazing my first PASS Summit was. I’m normally verbose, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps “a picture is worth a thousand words” will help me here.

Monday, October 10

Arriving at PASS Summit registration. I was so excited I could barely walk – I wanted to run everywhere.

Registering, in the speaker line.





Eating lunch at a Russian restaurant Buck Woody recommended.


I “squeeeeeeeeeeeed” myself hoarse in the registration area.

I ate dinner at Lowell’s with Steve Jones, Andy Warren, and several hundred of our closest SQL friends.

I went to Bush Gardens for #sqlkaraoke.


Tuesday, October 11

I had a leisurely breakfast with Ted, Aaron, and the Damn Strates, Jason and Sarah.

I sat in a SQL Saturday planning meeting.

We had gyros for lunch at Falafel King. I made a mess. (Please ask Colin how to pronounce gyros.)


I practiced my presentation in the Speaker Ready Room.


I went to the Welcome Reception, and participated in Quizbowl.


I went to the PASS volunteer and speaker party.

I went to the SQLServerCentral.com party, where I won an iPod Nano.

I walked. A lot.

Wednesday, October 12

I went for a #sqlrun with Grant Fritchey and Steve Jones, two of my favorites.


And about 40 other #sqlgeeks.


I attended the keynote.

I attended the Red Gate announcement: they are sending a DBA into SPACE. OUTER SPACE. ROCKETS. ASTRONAUTS. I’MMA DIE OF EXCITEMENT.


I walked around the vendor show. I talked to cool people. I collected cool swag.

I attended the chapter lunch. I met people interested in attending and speaking at my user group, MADPASS.

Drumroll please…I was giving my first PASS Summit presentation, “Reporting Services 201”.


Here is my room, from the front. Look at all the chairs.


View from the back, halfway through. Look at all the PEOPLE. I’mma die of excitement.


I attended Grant Fritchey’s DMOs session.

I attended the exhibitor reception, my Microsoft region reception, and the SolidQ reception.

Thursday, October 13

I went for a #sqlrun with Chris along the waterfront.


I went to Top Pot Doughnuts with Ted and Laurie. YUM.


I met a well-dressed Buck Woody before the Women In Technology lunch.


I moderated the Women In Technology lunch panel. Here’s a view from the stage.


I watched Doug Lane give his first Summit presentation.


I attended Kalen Delaney’s plan cache session. I smacked my forehead on the chair ahead of me in said session.

I had dinner with the Damn Strates, Jason and Sarah, and Colin. We found a new WIT logo.


I attended the Gameworks party. I got video of our MADPASS chapter president, Tim, playing Dance Dance Revolution. You’ll have to attend the next MADPASS meeting to watch.

Friday, October 14

I woke up sick. Really, really sick. Yuck. #nerdflu sucks.

I attended the Birds of a Feather Lunch and sat at Aaron Nelson’s PowerShell table.

I watched Jessica Moss present “Preventing the “Oh Poop!” Reporting Services Situation”.

I watched Lightning Talks. If you’ve never had David Stein explain database lessons learned from The Godfather, well, you ought to. Also, if you’ve never heard Doug Lane explain why, with both donkeys and dashboards, framing matters, you ought to.

I watched Jonathan Kehayias’ presentation on Event Notifications. He presented in his awesome pink Superman shirt.


I tried on Rob Farley’s name tag. He’s a proper bit taller than I am.


I ended the night with a quiet sushi dinner with a friend.

In Summary

My first PASS Summit will not be my last. I had the time of my life.

I hope everyone reading this gets to attend, and make their own memories.

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