PASS Summit 2011 is fast approaching – in only four weeks, thousands of SQL Server professionals will take Seattle, WA by storm. There are two days of full-day, in-depth pre-conference sessions (Monday and Tuesday), then three days packed with keynotes, training sessions, coffee, vendors, prizes, coffee, training, the Microsoft CAT and CSS teams, networking, coffee, more people that even I can talk to in a week, and (of course) karaoke.

I’m excited!

One event you should not miss that week is the Women In Technology Lunch and Panel Discussion, which is being sponsored by SQL Sentry. It is being held Thursday, October 13, 2011, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Guess what? This lunch isn’t just for women – it’s open to all conference attendees! (Note: seating is limited to the first 300 attendees. Get there early!) There will be a delicious lunch served – yum! After that, you’ll get to hear the topic “Make Yourself Heard: How to Ask for What You Want at Work” discussed by four successful panelists. The discussion will center around how to ask for things like raises, promotions and benefits. How do you ask? What do you ask for? What do you need to bring to the table? I think this topic is relevant for all professionals – DBAs, developers, even managers – and both women and men.

Who will be leading the discussion? The panelists are: Karen Lopez, from InfoAdvisors. She’s smart, snarky, and wants you to Love Your Data. She’s also a chronic volunteer and national spokesperson for WIT issues. Yanni Robel is the leader of the DBA team at AllRecipes.com. This woman is dedicated and determined in everything she does. She’s one smart cookie! Rick Bolesta is a VP at CA, is on the PASS Board of Directors, and is going to have some great insights on this topic. Sharon Dooley is a very busy, very accomplished SQL Server consultant who will also be able to provide some great information for us.

And, leading this dicussion as the moderator will be…me! I will get to introduce the panelists, guide the discussion, and make sure the audience gets to be involved in the discussion. I can’t wait to be part of this amazing event.

Not registered for PASS Summit yet? Hurry! Register today! When you register, make sure you indicate you’ll be attending the lunch! I can’t wait to see you there!

[1]: http://www.sqlpass.org/Portals/102/Banners/PASS_2011_728x90.jpg “”