The Spring 2011 edition of 24 Hours of PASS: Celebrating Women in Technology has ended. The past two days have been intense, fun and wonderful.

I presented “Reporting Services 201: The Next Level”. I kicked off day two at 7:00 AM CST, with just over 300 attendees. Thank you to everyone that attended! I hope you learned at least one new SSRS trick that you can start using! My slide deck and report samples are uploaded as [24HOP Reporting Services][2]. Please feel free to download these for reference and testing. All reports use the AdventureWorks database, and were developed using Reporting Services 2008 R2.

The sessions were recorded, and will be available on the 24HOP site soon!

High fives, and sincere thank yous, go to the following:

Dell, for sponsoring this event. Without you, we couldn’t have done this.

PASS, for giving the SQL community events like this to participate in.

The committee that put this together deserves a high five so big I’d have to climb a ladder to give it: Thomas LaRock (B | T), Charlie Hanania, Jorge Segarra (B | T) and Rob Farley (B | T). Thanks for the ideas, the hours you put into the event, and the support of the speakers.

Rick Heiges (B | T), for giving me a Live Meeting tutorial. He made sure I knew what I was doing and felt comfortable with it.

Rodney Landrum (T), my moderator, for being accomodating and funny and awesome. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you all of the other women who presented. I could write an entire blog on what I learned about SQL, and then one on what I learned about presenting. Thank you for taking the time to submit abstracts, put together presentations, and teach all of us! You ladies rock.

Most of all, thank you to the attendees. If no one wanted to listen to me, this wouldn’t be half as much fun!

[2]: /wp-content/uploads/users/grrlgeek/24HOP Reporting Services