SQL Saturday in Chicago 2011 has come and gone. From an organizers view the event was very successful. We had our pumps and one problem in the schedule but overall I feel that is pretty good for such a large event that is organized by volunteers.

With any event like this, feedback not only tells us what we did right but tells us how to do it better. Iā€™d like to ask all the people that attended and actively read my blog or found this from twitter, facebook, linkedin and such, to leave a comment on how your experience was attending, speaking or volunteering. With that feedback I will get some conversations going with the organizers as a recap and note taking session so next year, SQL Saturday in Chicago 2012 will be that much better.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback and look forward to reading it. As always, my email is wide open and I you can contact me directly if you would rather not make your comments public.

Thanks for attending and making SQL Saturday in Chicago 2011 a great event for me!