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The Many Functions of WebMatrix

Several weeks ago I started digging into WebMatrix. Over the course of a weekend I was able to put together a quick, functioning website, pick up some basics of working with WebMatrix and the deployment tool, and play with a few other technologies as well. Then I stepped back and realized I was only using a percentage of it’s capabilities.


Using ASP to retrieve a recordset and return value from a stored procedure at the same time

(This post will use ASP, coded with server side JScript)

When accessing an SQL stored procedure in ASP via ADO, it is typically considered best practice to use the command object:

var oConn = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”);


Export HTML table to Excel with grid lines

A programmatic example of how to export an HTML file to excel while keeping grid lines visible. This solution does not require the use of a COM object.


Microsoft Has Released Tools To Address SQL Injection Attacks

Microsoft has released 3 tools that deal with the recent SQL injection attack. These three tools include HP Scrawlr , UrlScan version 3.0 Beta , and a SQL Source Code Analysis Tool. Microsoft further recommends following the best practices found within security advisory 954462. Most of the sites affected had this submitted as part of […]