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Adding User-Managed API Keys to ASP.Net Core 2 w/ Cosmos DB

I’m building the foundation for an ASP.Net Core 2 site with Cosmos DB as the back-end store and want to build in the idea of user-manageable API keys. In the past two posts, I’ve added interactive registration and login to the application using built-in Cookie and Twitter middleware on top of custom authorization logic and […]


Adding Twitter Authentication to an ASP.Net Core 2 site w/ Cosmos DB

I’m building a B2C website with Cosmos DB as the back-end store and starting with common elements like Authentication. In my prior post, we connected the Cookie Middleware with custom membership logic and a standard username/password login method. In this one, we’ll be extending the system to also allow users to register and login via […]


Custom Authentication in ASP.Net Core 2 w/ Cosmos DB

I’m building a B2C website with Cosmos DB as the backend store. This site will have a number of different authentication mechanisms, but I’m newer to ASP.Net Core 2 and the authentication changes since the prior version so I’m going to start with a basic Cookie and Login authentication system. This is the second post […]


ASP.Net Core 2 w/ Cosmos DB: Getting Started

I am building the basic foundation for a B2C web application, using ASP.Net Core 2 and Cosmos DB. Along the way I’m going to need authentication, source control, CI/CD, … but first I have to start learning what’s changed in ASP.Net Core 2 and how to use Cosmos DB beyond the 5-minute console application demo. […]


Custom Authentication in ASP.Net Core 1 (without Identity)

Performing Authentication and Authorization has changed from ASP.Net to ASP.Net Core. Rather than relying on attributes, ASP.Net Core uses middleware similar to NancyFX and Rails. This is a short, step-by-step approach to implementing custom Authentication in ASP.Net Core without the overhead (and assumptions) of the new Identity model. The goal is to support basic necessities […]


Mapping Complex types to/from JSON with JSON.Net

In an earlier post I introduced a strongly typed Identity object I am using in an ASP.Net Core application to make my code and error messages more readable. I didn’t wanted that extra complexity reflected in my database or over the wire with an API. In this post we’ll look at a simple method to […]


SPA Routing in ASP.Net Core

One of the challenges of SPA applications is making sure a bookmark or hard refresh knows how to load just enough of the content from the server before applying the client-side routing logic to that base page. This is not guaranteed to be the only way to do this, just the one that worked for […]


ASP.Net – Single-sign on against Office365 with OAuth2

Recently I was experimenting with Office 365 as a single-sign on source for an existing ASP.Net application. Unfortunately, most of the documentation I found focused on the use cases of having Visual Studio automatically add it as part of a new project, multiple versions of a very similar looking OWIN sample using built-in (black box) […]


ASP.Net – Ensure your Actions aren’t missing Authorization with Unit Tests

Have you ever found yourself working on an ASP.net Action and noticed there isn’t a single Authorization attribute in sight? Or gone to edit an endpoint in WebAPI, only to realize you took a coffee break at exactly the wrong time and forgot to come back and add the authorization attribute…a month ago? Or the […]


Web API 2 – don’t get caught with your parameters down

Hi, A quick post for anyone else who has been literally dying from a lack of sleep trying to workout something that should be fairly simple. Quick background:  I got interested in Web API after I decided to build a friend a simple booking website driven by HTML5, jquery and originally an ASP.NET/c# .NET 4 […]

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