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SQL Server Days 2014 – Slide deck

SQL Server Days 2014 is over, but it has been one great event. A very big thanks to the organizers! My session went pretty well, somewhere around 60 attendees I would guess and they didn’t seem too bored. I saw some other great sessions as well, such as Buck Woody (twitter) on Big Data (and […]


Stupid me #4 – The login is from an untrusted domain

After quite a while it has finally returned: another Stupid Me™®©! A reminder: Every time I do something “stupid”, which happens from time to time, I’ll do a little blog post on what happened and how I solved it. The reason for this is twofold: I’ll have a solution online I can consult if it […]


Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook – Review

After my review of Tableau Dashboard Cookbook, I read another book about Tableau, namely Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook by Ashutosh Nandeshwar. The book is published by Packt but I am relieved to say this time there were no significant editing issues. In fact it is quite well written and as far as I could tell […]


Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault – Review

A few months ago I followed an introductory course about the data vault modeling technique for data warehouses at a local training provider. As part of the training, I received the book Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault written by Hans Hultgren who also is an instructor for the official data vault certification. […]


Creating a Matrix Infographic in SSRS

With “Matrix Infographic” I simply mean those infographics FiveThirtyEight (site | Twitter), the website of statistic revelation Nate Silver, uses to display forecasts of World cup matches. An example: I was wondering if something similar could be built using SSRS. And yes, it is possible and it isn’t that hard. My starting point is a […]


Overview of Published Articles – 2014Q2

Here is an overview of the articles I published in the second quarter of 2014. Intense School MCSE Prep: The Integration Services Package and Project Deployment Models—Part 1 MCSE Prep: The Integration Services Package and Project Deployment Models—Part 2 MCSE Prep (SQL) – Using Parameters in Reporting Services Reports (Part 1) MSSQLTips Improve SSIS data […]


Tableau Dashboard Cookbook by Jen Stirrup

DISCLAIMER I received this book through the O’Reilly blogger review program, which I already mentioned in the review of Thinking With Data. The actual publisher of the book is Packt Publishing, not O’Reilly itself. TABLEAU DASHBOARD COOKBOOK I guess most people who have been in contact with the SQL Server community have at least heard […]


SSRS Nugget: displaying placeholders when no rows are returned

A few days ago there was an interesting question on the forum: How can I get None in each cell of a table in the report if no rows are returned? If I use “No rows message” property, header is not displaying on the report but I would like to get headers along with “NONE” […]


Speaking at ITPROceed

I’m delighted to announce I will be giving a session at ITPROceed, a new event in Belgium for the IT Professional. From their website: ITPROceed is a joint effort between the ITProfessional User Groups with the strong support of Microsoft to bring you the best on the Cloud OS, System Center, SQL, Office 365, Windows […]


T-SQL Tuesday #54: An Interview Invitation

It’s time for another T-SQL Tuesday! This month’s blog party is hosted by Boris Hristov (blog | twitter) and the subject is about interviews and hiring. First I thought about writing a rant about the beginning of every interview and hiring process: recruiters. You can’t live with them and you can live without them. But […]

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